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CEDEN is Rethinking the Way Humans Live and Consume in Urban Areas.

We have been growing plants for thousands of years. It is part of what makes us human. Cities were built and we became more industrialized. That is when we have lost transparency and control over what we are consuming. More and more toxically pesticides are used in the process- at the risk of farmers and consumers. On top of that, most of the harvest has traveled more than many humans travel in their entire lives. That is neither good for the environment, nor for us, the consumers. Home Growing can solve many of the problems but the process is time-consuming and requires expert knowledge.

Start Playing by Your Own Rules

Born from a vision of democratizing access to healthy and affordable harvest, we design wellness products to enhance life quality right in the comfort of your home. All CEDEN products are concepted, designed and manufactured in Germany.


I Am What I Consume - No Pesticides. No Harm. No B.S.