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What is CEDEN?

What are the dimensions of CEDEN?

Is using CEDEN as easy as it sounds?

What plants can I grow with CEDEN?

How much can I harvest with CEDEN?

How long is a typical grow cycle?

How many plants can CEDEN grow at once?

What is included with my CEDEN purchase?

What do I need to do while my plant is growing?

Purchase & Logistics

Do you ship internationally?

Is shipping included?


How much electricity does CEDEN use?

Does the CEDEN app work for Android and iOS?


What is the CEDEN modular system?

What is the Top Module?

What is the Heigth Module

What is the Door Module

What is the Soil Bottom Module?

What is the Dry Module

What is the Hydroponic Module?

What is the SCROG Module