Reconnect with your inner nature

Meet CEDEN®, the patented all-in-one home grow hub designed to empower wellbeing around the globe


Relaxation at the push of a button.

Meet CEDEN Home GrowHub™ and see how easy you can become a better human.

Welcome to the growing revolution.

CEDEN brings relaxation into your life and living room and empowers you to change yourself while making the world a better place, as we donate 10% of our profits to projects you choose

International Design 🌐 - Made in Germany 🇩🇪 - for the world  🌍

The Home Grow Hub™ Features

- Patented Design and Tech made in Germany
- Grow and Dry Odourless with our Filter System
- 100W Advanced LED Lighting System
- AI Algorithm for Optimal Growth and Taste
- iOS and Android Mobile App with Community
- Automated free donations to good causes for every plant you grow

automated home grow box system growing

Life changing CEDEN® benefits

Organic, pesticide free and affordable harvest
Plants make you happy*
Free donations for every plant you grow (see below)

Your plant is now as smart as your phone.

The CEDEN GrowHub™ is part of a connected ecosystem. CEDEN syncs up with the mobile app to further personalize the experience, giving you additional control and insights.

  • Growing made simple.

    We will guid you through the complete growing process from seed (or clone) to harvest. Simply select what you want to grow and drop the seed. Relax, CEDEN does the rest. Enjoy and share your harvest with friends. It's that simple.

  • A laboratory in your pocket.

    The build-in biofeedback sensor system constantly monitors your plant and ensures perfect harvest.

  • Join the growing family.

    Grow healthy and fresh plants and herbs with your friends. Share and Sync Grow Recipes and get help at any time from growing experts.

Grow your own organic plants, just like nature.

CEDEN is the first of its kind smart home grow system that produces healthy, rich and affordable harvest through a process inspired by nature.
Healthier and more affordable

than harvest from suppliers

Make friends in our growing community

and share your produce with others on our plattform

Personalised and modular

to perfectly fit your lifestyle, needs and interior

Smart and connected

so you won't need a green thumb

Integrates perfectly into your life and home.

High-tech, inspired by nature.

The CEDEN system is designed to self adjusts climate conditions according to the strain you grow and growth stage for maximum organic yield using minimal space in your home.

Grow and make new friends.

The CEDEN® patented modular system

allows you to grow plants to an unlimited height*, all while odourlessly drying your latest harvest.

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  • Organic, yet high-tech

    CEDEN is being produces out of  organic Cardboard, yet using the latest technology.

  • Unlimited Height*

    *CEDEN grows with your plant. Simply add another Heigth-Module once the App notifies you.

  • No smells. Period.

    A custom made replaceable carbon filter, that ensures a 100% smell and pollen free grow and dry experience.

  • Drying Mode

    Grow and dry at the same time, using CEDEN's unique drying module.

Plants you can grow with CEDEN®

Wellness Herbs 😉
Fruits and Vegetables

Save the life of others, while saving yours.

Our commitment to society: helping change lives with plants. For every plant that you grow with CEDEN, you will know what you consume and we will make a donation to help change others lives – at no extra cost to you.

Together, we are helping plant trees in the world. Forests provide us with healthy food and lots of other products, which can be sustainably harvested. Worldwide the livelihood of 1.6 billion people depend on forests.